Released: 19 April 2019

Synopsis: Natty1 explains what he would do in the theoretical situation of biscuit theft accusations being lodged against him.

Garder la foi suivez votre nez des conneries du scrotum or something like

Released: 6 September 2014

Synopsis: Working too hard will get you stressed, cause a stomach ache and possibly some other rather unpleasant things to happen.


In case of Emergency

Released: 27 July 2013

Synopsis: When travelling by train it is important to know the emergency procedures so that you can be best prepared.


The Workout

Released: 26 August 2012

Synopsis: Get off the sofa and get yourself to the gym for a workout that will exercise your muscles and inevitably leave you with some aches and pains the following few days - but that's all part of the fun.



Released: 11 March 2012

Synopsis: A young man prepares for a hot date with eager anticipation but will he end up happy?


The Finest Fruit

Released: 18 September 2011

Synopsis: Passing a garden filled with luscious fruit and vegetables proves too much to resist for a well-dressed gentleman. Will he be granted a closer look by the gardener?


Treasured Dreams Of A Blueberry Muffin

Released: 26 March 2011

Synopsis: A crowd of excited onlookers gather to hear the inspiring story of one man's survival against all the odds.


Leevoy & Mr Phillip Slinky in.. 'Dab Hand'

Released: 24th July 2010

Synopsis: We rejoin the bingo-addicted Leevoy & Mr Phillip Slinky at a very dark time. Leevoy's prized dabber is swiped by a ruthless villain and all hope now rests on the shoulders of Bingo Man.

Can Bingo Man rescue the dabber before its too late? There's only one sure way to find out... Eyes down.


My Name Is Jonah

Released: 14th November 2009

Synopsis: As the mighty Red Army sweeps closer to the city Adolf Hitler and his most trusted advisors plot a final strategy to save a once great German nation from imminent defeat.

Deep below the city, the Führerbunker teems with activity. Only those closest to Hitler have been allowed asylum from the death and destruction far above. Martin Boorman, the Führer’s trusted friend and private secretary, his lover Eva Braun and Reich Minister for propaganda Joseph Goebbels, alone, share the intimate final moments.

Until that is, he turned up and changed everything.


Recession Crunch Credit

Released: 26th November 2008

Synopsis: In times of financial difficulty, how will Britain cope?


What's The Worst That Could Happen.. Or Is It?

Draft version

Released: 14th June 2008

Synopsis: What happens when you let a friend stay the night at your place because he missed his last train home? In the majority of cases, nothing. Things CAN happen though.


Yuletide Regrets

Released: 8th December 2007

Synopsis: Christmas is a time when some people are happy but others do things which they later regret.


Playtime Of Days Gone By

Released: 28th October 2007

Synopsis: Relive those innocent days of youth, when even the simplest playground game provided unlimited entertainment.


Love Sand-tuh-wich

Released: 5th August 2007

Synopsis: Two men compete for the ultimate prize; a delicious sandwich.

Are you ready? OK, let's do this!


Them Things What Done Make Bad People

Released: 12th July 2007

Synopsis: When a young clubber trips over a pair of underpants and falls head first into a mirror the real tripping begins.


What Would You Like For Christmas?

Released: 9th December 2006

Synopsis: Its a common question to ask people as Chrimbo approaches so let's ask some of the comic characters of Smelly Orange Designs.


The Creation

Released: 21 October 2006

Synopsis: A strange customer arrives at a cloth shop, shrouded in mystery this customer is here to collect a very special material. Let the story begin.


Take Care

Released: 29 May 2006

Synopsis: Some people just don't take enough care of themselves and that's when horrible accidents happen.



Released: 1st April 2006

Synopsis: In the tenth comic from Smelly Orange Designs we take a trip to Jake & Mike's Emu Farm.

F.E.W.L. News reporter Cordan Romzano introduces us to the farm's owners and asks them the questions that really matter.


My First Christmas Without You

Released: 4th December 2005

Synopsis: A lonely man sits by an open fire, thinking of the love he lost the previous year.



Released: 29th October 2005

Synopsis: More dangerous than any other drug, "Egg n' Chives" is an addictive and very smelly combination.

People need to be warned of the bad effects of "E n' C" and this hopefully does just that. Be safe.


Codac P.I. in... "Waste of a Coat"
Available in monochrome or full colour

Released: 17th September 2005

Synopsis: The bald sleuth's services are requested when a man's fancy waistcoat goes missing.

Can Codac P.I. find the waistcoat and can he find out who is responsible for it's disappearance?


You Bastard

Released: 21st May 2005

Synopsis: Next time you're walking alone at night let's hope you don't encounter a half man half badger with evil intentions.


They're So Cute Together

Released: 18th February 2005

Synopsis: Eavesdrop on the conversation of a young couple as they enjoy a romantic meal on Valentine's Day. All may not be as it seems.


Prank Phone Call

Released: 23rd January 2005

Synopsis: Do you ever receive telephone calls where there's nothing but silence at the other end? Chances are this is who is calling you.



Released: 20th November 2004

Synopsis: When the village Christmas tree is stolen, Bingo Man is called into action but someone else is already on the case.


The Birth of Natty1

Released: 2nd October 2004

Synopsis: Who is Natty1? Where did he come from? Also, why does he have a number after his name?!

The first and second question are answered in this comic. The third question is answered simply with "no idea".


Leevoy & Mr Phillip Slinky in "Dabber Dabber Doo!"

Released: 16th July 2004

Synopsis: When Leevoy loses his internet connection whilst playing online bingo he smells a rat.... but not just any ordinary rat (and who unleashed the rat in the first place?).

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